Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Daily Agenda...18 January 2017

Advanced US History...
  • Pick up and Read Fu-Go Attack & Pigeon in a Pelican
  • WWII Test is tomorrow!
  • Map Quiz over Europe [3] is on Friday!
  • Unbroken needs to be completed by Monday!

  • CNN10...quiz on Friday
  • Executive Dept WS due them in the 4th Block black tray
  • Unit One Review WS...due today.
  • Today we will be watching "Short List"...this is an episode from the TV series West Wing. West Wing is about a fictitious White House and the behind the scenes actions and antics. This episode deals with the "vetting" process for Supreme Court Justices.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Daily Agenda...17 January 2017

Advanced US...

  • Pick up a copy of Patton's Prayer & The Wright Stuff to read...
  • Map Quiz on Friday...Europe [3]
  • We will finish the War in Europe today and begin the war in the Pacific
  • Read C 5 for tomorrow.
  • Test over WWII will be on Thursday!
  • Questions over part III of Unbroken are due need to have finished the book by next Monday.
  • Watched WWII from Space (from around 35:00 thru 1:10:00ish - D-Day invasion )


  • CNN10...quiz on Friday
  • We will continue looking at the Presidency today and tomorrow.  
  • Executive Departments WS for Wednesday.
  • I am looking at next Wednesday/Thursday (Jan 25-26) for our Unit 1 Test...more information to come.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Daily Agenda...12 January 2017

Advanced US History...

  • Pick up a Gypsies/Rom...handout to read
  • Europe [2] Map the end of the period
  • Finish up the Holocaust
  • The War in Europe
  • Continue Reading need to be through the book by the middle of next week!
  • Our test over WWII will be on Jan 19th.


  • CNN10...current events quiz on Friday
  • Current Event #1 is due Friday
  • Who Has the Power WS is due today
  • Article II continued.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Daily Agenda...11 Jan 2017

Advanced US History....

  • Holocaust...Engineering Evil
  • In your journal...define the Holocaust using the six terms.
  • Make sure you have finished reading C4: The War in Europe...
  • Map Quiz tomorrow over Europe [2]


  • CNN Student News...quiz on Friday
  • Today we will finish the Legislative Branch and begin the Executive Branch...
  • The White House
  • your current event is due on Friday...use Google Classroom to complete.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Daily Agenda...10 January 2017

Advanced Contemporary...

  • This weeks Map Quiz , Europe [2], will be on Thursday rather than Friday.
  • Read Gadzooks! and Gritty and Great
  • For tomorrow...finish Part III of Unbroken
  • Make sure you have read C4: War in Europe by Thursday.
  • For will need to write these six terms in your journal, this is part of the extra assignment for the journal for this unit:
    • Definition
    • Expropriation
    • Concentration
    • Einsatzgruppen
    • Deportation
    • Death Camps


  • CNN10...quiz on Friday.
  • Congress continued...The Legislative Process
  • Current Event #1 is due by Friday.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Daily Agenda...9 January 2017

Advanced US History...

  • Pick up the Unbroken ws and begin will be due shortly...
  • Pearl Harbor...
  • Europe First Strategy...
  • For the For Further Consideration section of C3 as well as C4: War in Europe. 
  • Map Quiz over Europe [2] will be on THURSDAY this week!
  • Continue Reading should by through part III by Wednesday...


  • CNN Student News...Quiz on Friday
  • Current Events...Google Classroom

Friday, January 6, 2017

Daily Agenda...6 January 2017

Advanced Contemporary US...

  • Map Quiz today over Europe [1]
  • Continue reading will receive questions to answer over sections one and two on Monday...
  • US and Japanese relations deteriorate...
  • Pearl Harbor...


  • CNN10
  • WS #3 is due today...
  • continue looking at Article I...
  • The Legislative Process - due Monday.